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Combat Boots

The amphibian is characterized by a comfortable rubber sole, today the boots with the track sole are very popular (and you will also find them on our website and in our shop in Frosinone) and those with the platform sole, to gain a few centimeters and slim the figure . Or you can try the new models with high para and long laces to tie around the ankle. They are available in leather and eco-leather, in shiny or super smooth material (like Dr Martens). Not just black combat boots, the season trend sees two new colors as protagonists: beige and ice gray, for super chic monochromatic outfits. If, on the other hand, you feel extra rock you can opt for models with studs or other applications, you will be spoiled for choice. Maybe Combat Boots were the first type of boot you bought with pocket money, to go to school and be as fashionable as the girls you saw in magazines, to feel great already; or maybe you fell in love with it during your adolescence, when you were a bit rebellious; maybe you were born in the 90s and Combat Boots have always been a must have for you. In any case, what we know today is that combat boots are a fundamental piece of a woman's wardrobe. And that is why on the Peccati di Stile shop you will find a wide selection, with models suitable for different types of feet and legs, models to combine with any style: from casual to elegant. We have selected the best proposals of our favorite brands: Valini Roma and Dr Martens, the originals.

Why buy a pair of combat boots?

Combat Boots are among the most versatile shoes that can be combined with different types of looks, they instantly give more character and a super rock touch to every outfit. Combat Boots are also very comfortable: they can be worn with double socks in winter to stay warm, and with fishnet socks in spring, to show off your floral dresses. And again, in summer with the ghost to be combined with jeans shorts. How could you do without it? To us, no other type of shoe so versatile comes to mind, perhaps, only sneakers could beat them. So, to answer the original question: why buy a pair of Combat Boots? Why not buy more than a couple, we answer. Make your purchase today on Peccati di stile and receive them in 48h maximum, try them on with your favorite items and make your choice.

How to bring Combat Boots ?

As we said, combat boots are among the most versatile shoes you can buy. They can be worn together with a blazer suit plus elegant trousers for a very contemporary office look that certainly does not go unnoticed. You can wear combat boots with classic denim shorts and a white t-shirt in those days when you look in your closet and repeat to yourself "I have nothing to wear", that's it: they will always save you. Or, you can wear them together with dresses, more romantic for a glam rock effect, or with even more elegant dresses to tone down the mood. Combat Boots will be the boots you will have the most fun with playing your clothes with, we bet? Combat Boots are among the most purchased shoes on our site. The black ones are literally snapped up! Are you thinking of buying a pair of combat boots? Yes girl! black amphibian, with or without laces, is a type of shoe that will never go out of fashion, must have. Take a look at the wide selection of Combat Boots available online, you will find the model that suits you among: biker Combat Boots, beatles Combat Boots, ankle boots, Combat Boots with platform, Combat Boots in leather, faux leather, suede, warm, Combat Boots with internal wedge , boots with studs. Combat Boots designed by ash, Polish Dr Martens, Emmanuelle Vee, Ugg, Unlace, Via Roma 15, Gisel Moire, Mivida, STM. Combat Boots are ideal to wear during the day with jeans and a sweater, or in the evening with winter clothes. Our Combat Boots for sale online really adapt to all styles, even the most sporty. On our online shop you will find many models of women's Combat Boots, of different heights and with track or flat heels. Choose from the Combat Boots for sale online that best suits your style. If there is no official dealer of Combat Boots of your favorite brand in your city, buy on our website: you will receive your amphibian in 48h. The number change is free and the return is very easy.