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For those days when you feel you need extra comfort but cannot cancel daily commitments, appointments or give up work, a small solution can be to opt for comfortable but always well-finished clothing. How can you do it? By purchasing many knitwear items, made with soft cotton, in crepe or wool, for example, to ensure maximum comfort and style. Depending on the fabric, in fact, you will find summer or winter knitwear, some cotton garments, however, can be considered continuative: in spring you will wear them like this, alone, in winter under a blazer or with a shirt. The models of women's knitwear you can choose from are many, even in our online shop of Style Sins you will find tops, cardigans, vests, sweatshirts, pull-over or high-necked sweaters, and blouses. All knitwear models that you can easily combine, more casual or particular and elegant. You can choose between Aniye By, Gaelle Paris, Mariuccia Milano and many other brands: the Peccati di stile shop is constantly updated, always keep an eye on your knitwear section to discover new arrivals.

Why buy women's knitwear?

Like t-shirts and shirts, knitwear is super versatile and contemporary. Depending on your style, you can indulge yourself while searching. Today, for example, knitwear and crocheted garments are back in fashion and are the real must-have pieces according to trends and you can find them in all models. If, on the other hand, you dress bon ton or more elegant, in your wardrobe you cannot miss a striped sweater or a yarn cardigan, they can be worn with jeans or more formal trousers and combined with the right accessories (earrings, necklaces or even bracelets). twist more.

How to combine knitwear?

Thanks to the many patterns available, the cuts, the different wearability, the knitwear is ideal for any style of clothing, whether casual, elegant or sporty. If your style is sporty chic, choose a sweatshirt with animal print and hood, it will give you all the comfort you need and an "aggressive" touch that will not go unnoticed. If your style is classic, a white knitted sweater or sweatshirt will be your go-to item: all knitwear items look good on skirts, jeans and elegant trousers. For those with a more eccentric style, however, the perfect solution is the sweater with applications: beads, pallettes, chiffon, on the Peccati di stile shop you will find all the options!