Via Roma 15: history and iconic pieces of the most luxurious shoe factory in Italy

Speaking of the style of the iconic Via Roma 15 boots, we want to start from the production: even today, each piece is assembled with an artisanal process, only the necessary machinery is used and to ensure that your purchase lasts a lifetime.

Steve Madden: the shoe brand to wear to always stand out

In an interview, Steve Madden stated that the sidewalks are his catwalk, clarifying just how much street style inspires him. People are his muse and this makes us see his collections with even more attentive and fascinated eyes.

Espadrilles The Originals: the summer shoes par excellence

If we were to talk about the most famous and iconic shoes in the world, espadrilles would be among the first to come to mind. Is this the same for you? This type of shoe has very ancient origins: it seems, in fact, that already in the Greco-Roman era they were worn by the people of the time.

Gaelle Paris: the streetwear is Made in Italy that everyone is wearing

A French name for an Italian brand? Yes, and there is a reason: as you may have imagined, it was Parisian streetwear that inspired the founders of the brand for the creation of Gaelle Paris.