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Until a few years ago we thought of the talleur or elegant suit as garments to wear only for work or for a formal occasion such as an interview. For some time now, this has not been the case! The blazer and trouser suits, waistcoat and coordinated skirt are also popular in street wear and urban style. Among our proposals, you will find more or less elegant, more or less casual clothes from the brands of the moment and goodies of Italian craftsmanship: Vicolo, Mariuccia Milano, Aniye By, Gaelle Paris. Who have designed blazers, shirts, vests, skirts, shorts and sweat suits for you must have. Wearing a two-piece suit you will immediately feel more powerful: some clothes have the power to influence your mood for the better. So when you need extra oomph, extra style and extra character, open your wardrobe and choose a suit. Depending on the fabrics and the cuts of the garments you can wear them in summer and winter, in our selection you will find the best pieces of each collection. Take a slow look at our Peccati di Stile online shop, read the descriptions and information on the wearability of the products and if you have any doubts or need advice contact us at the WhatsApp number, we will be happy to advise you!

Why buy a woman suit?

If you follow the trends of the season or do not miss a Vouge number you will have realized that this is the right time to buy a talleur: today you can find jacket and trousers suits or skirt and shirt that dress more tightly and enhance your femininity to the maximum, or models with unisex cuts, almost masculine, softer and perfect for the urban chic style. One does not exclude the other, when it comes to fashion you can be a new person every day and have both ready in the closet. Why get a tracksuit or a suit, then? For formal occasions such as a job interview in a company or an important meeting, the talleur always makes an impression, he will make you look like a person who pays attention to details and who takes work very seriously. For dinners out or ceremonies, the suit is a perfect alternative to a suit: with the right accessories and shoes you will stand out from all those present thanks to your sophisticated style. If we can give you another advice, don't stop at the classic black or blue suit: play with patterns and fabrics, dare with colors! Choose lilac, pink, white, light blue, green and many others to leave your mark. By taking suits you will have the opportunity to wear the various pieces with other different garments, always creating new, more casual or more refined outfits according to the day.

Which suit or jumpsuit to buy and how to wear them?

For days when you feel super chic and a little Parisian, the suit jacket, or vest, and Chanel skirt with a houndstooth pattern is the perfect choice. You can combine it with a ballerina shoe or with a decollete with an hourglass cleat and a shoulder mini-bag or a clutch bag. Wearing a suit you will be ready to take refined photos and enjoy a brunch with friends. For an evening we recommend a suit with a particular pattern: the spotted always wins, the Versace-like print with satin fabrics is always a great idea. Add a heel, a shiny necklace, the right make-up and enjoy your perfect outfit! And for the lazy days? In those days there are the sweatshirt and matching pants suits to save us! Comfortable, versatile and absolutely necessary: ​​with trendy sneakers and a more formal outerwear you can wear it for your appointments in the city while still appearing super cured.