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Elegant t-shirts, urban chic, contemporary or more sporty t-shirts: you will find these and many other proposals on the online shop of Peccati di stile, which is constantly updated all year round. There are some models of t-shirts that you can wear 365 days a year, in summer and winter, because you can simply wear them with trousers, or you can use the t-shirts as under a jacket or under warmer wool cardigans. The short-sleeved T-shirt is the most versatile and useful garment for a modern woman who always has many commitments and has to dress for different occasions is a must have. In our selection you will find the most beautiful t-shirts from the collections of Gaelle Paris and Aniye By, both t-shirts with logo, and t-shirts with particular graphics and applications. We offer you organic cotton t-shirts, super breathable and delicate on the skin, knitted, soft and chic models and t-shirt models with particular applications such as tulle sleeves. Many colors are available: from classic black and white to seasonal colors, lilac, lobster orange, powder pink, dove-gray ... discover all the t-shirts in our shop!

Why buy a women's T-shirt?

Until the last century, the short-sleeved shirt was considered a casual and sporty garment. Today, fashion is constantly evolving and adapts perfectly to the needs of each one. Even if you dress more elegantly, the t-shirt is an indispensable garment. The white t-shirt, then, should be in everyone's closet. It is the most versatile garment you can buy and also the most comfortable: there are longer models that also cover the b side, and crop top models with which you can show off your abdomen. Tight-fitting t-shirt models and wide models, which cover the forearm or leave the back and shoulders uncovered. In short, in our selection you will find the perfect t-shirt for your needs, both for leisure and for work. Whether you want to enhance your femininity or you love to dress more androgynous. Many options of t-shirts for streetwear and urban chic style and many other formal t-shirt proposals: try them at home and if they don't convince you, return them thanks to the made easy option!

How to wear short-sleeved shirts?

For those who love to dress in a whimsical way, we recommend buying a particular and colorful t-shirt, perhaps with a logo or patterned or with tulle sleeves, to be worn with wide and pleated skirts and ballet flats for a bon ton chic effect. For those who love the casual style, go for a white crop t-shirt with the brand logo, cyclist leggings and maxi shirt, to finish the outfit sneakers model basketball or with platform heels. For the more rock, the short-sleeved T-shirt must be combined with the denim shorts and worn with the Texan model boots. For the office, choose a colorful and simple t-shirt, or with applications such as sequins, to combine with extremely trendy colored cardigans or blazers.