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Hey sneakers lover, now let's have fun! This is your showcase: no high heels - even if the trick, indeed the heel, in some cases is there but you can't see it -, nor super flat slippers. Only contemporary and little-seen sneakers, or must-haves, to show off with your urban looks. Let's start immediately by debunking an old myth of the fashion world: sneakers are not worn only for sports. The most conservative and with the most classic style have to give up on this! Sneakers have become, in fact, the women's flat shoes that are impossible to give up. Sneakers designed by the most beloved luxury designers and by the youngest and most innovative brands, in our unique selection you will find: Emmanuelle Vee, 2star, Steve Madden, ASH, Aniye By, Nira Rubens, Gaelle Paris, Windsor Smith ... what do you say, it will be tough choose? The history of sneakers has been a successful rise, since their diffusion in the 19th century, they have over time become one of the must-have types of footwear for everyone: women, men, young and old. Thanks to the versatility of the sneakers and their practicality they are the perfect day shoes. And sneaker also for some evening outfits, if you know how to match.

Which sneakers to buy?

The sneaker is not just a rubber sole and a canvas upper, far from it. Today there is a whole world of alternative sneakers: leather, eco-leather for vegan friendly, suede, velvet, recycled polyester and many other materials, the result of the constant research of designers in the footwear sector. And not only that, also in terms of design, there have been many steps forward: today we have on the market, and on the shop of style sins, sneakers with heels, to be worn to slim the figure without giving up your sporty style; sneaker with internal wedge, a little secret that will remain between you and your favorite shoe; or high ankle sneakers, baket model, more sporty and contemporary. There is one for every style and every need. So which sneakers to buy? The sneakers that perfectly meet your needs. Taking into account that each sneaker is comfortable and versatile.

How to wear the snakers?

Influencers, trade magazines, creative directors of fashion houses, and above all we, who wear and make fashion, have now cleared customs for sneakers combined with even the most elegant outfits. For a particular, sporty chic look, wear them with your most elegant garments such as jacket-pants suits. For a romantic style, wear a pair of white tennis sneakers with a loose floral dress. For a more rock or grunge look, choose sneakers in black leather or with applications such as pointed or rounded studs and combine them with boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket. For a colorful look, wear special tennis shoes, made with a mix of materials and applications and with a platform heel sole or with a different design, together with garments in technical fabrics, sweat suits, or with monochromatic outfits. Sneakers, if combined with the right garments and the right socks, can adapt to many occasions. Even the most glamorous ones such as evening outings. Whether you are looking for the classic white sneakers or something different, on our online shop you will find news of the moment and also the must-have and always in fashion models, which you can take advantage of in every season: from summer to winter. Place your order and receive it in just 24 / 48h and for any doubt or request, you can write to our WhatsApp number.

Sneaker, sneaker

Raise your hand if you don't have at least one pair of sneakers in your shoe collection. None? We imagined it! It is impossible to give up sneakers, because sneakers are the most comfortable and versatile of all. Buy online and wear sneakers for those who love streewear and also for those who opt for more chic and elegant looks. In recent years, then, sneakers are present in the collections of all the most important designers. We can wear sneakers both with the most elegant pieces such as jacket-pants suits, and with dresses and skirts, jeans and cargo pants. In short, green light for every style. Buy our selection of sneakers online: in leather, eco-leather, suede sneakers, nylon, with footbed, comfortable, with rise, with platform, sneakers with rhinestones, with lurex, sneakers with studs. You can choose between chuncky sneaker, sock, converse, classic or particular sneakers. We offer you the most beautiful sneakers signed by: Emmanuelle Vee, 2star, ASH, Gaelle, La Carrie Shoes, REV, Steve Madden, Windsor Smith. Whether you are looking for the classic white sneakers or something different, on our online shop you will find the seasonal news and also the must-have models, which you can also take advantage of in summer. Place your order and receive it in just 24 / 48h. Like our women's shoes, our shipping is also luxury.