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She, the Décolleté, doesn't need many introductions but we still want to do it. The décolleté is the women's shoe par excellence, the shoe that most of all emphasizes our sensuality and enhances our figure. Décolleté is, therefore, synonymous with femininity. Décolleté is the shoe that we all, as little girls, wore to look more like our mum or the models we saw parading on TV. Décolleté It is the passepartuot shoe that, if known how to wear, can really be combined with everything. In the selection we have reserved for you, you will find décolleté models of different heights: from the classic décolleté with an 8 cm heel you go up to more important heights. Buy the heel that best matches your needs! You will find models of décolleté with stiletto heel, with a wider heel (as the trend of the season wants) or décolleté with two-tone heels to add an unexpected touch to your look. We have selected the most versatile, refined and elegant décolleté models by Sergio Levantesi, Valini Roma, Steve Madden and Chantal, just for you. The Décolleté we offer you are in leather or eco-leather, all have a design that enhances the instep, in some cases, there is also an ankle strap to streamline the calf even more. They are women's pumps to wear in any season, in neutral colors such as nude pink or timeless black; other décolleté instead are characterized by applications becoming real jewel shoes. You can try your favorite décolleté model at home, by purchasing on our shop you will receive your order with a fast shipping (max 48h) and if the number is not right you can change it for free or start the return, we will assist you in every step.

Why buy a pair of pumps?

We recommend that you have at least one Décolleté shoe because, as we said, it is truly a timeless model, an ever green in which it is worth making a small investment. The Décolleté is a shoe that, therefore, is not linked to a particular season and you can wear it both in summer and in winter; the décolleté is ideal for slimming the figure and giving the outfit an elegant, more fascinating twist. The décolleté are the shoes to wear for a formal occasion such as a job interview or an important office job, or to wear during your free time: for an aperitif with friends in the most beautiful place in town or a romantic dinner.

How to wear the décolleté?

In our imagination, the décolleté is a fixed pair with the suit jacket and skirt or trousers, but it is not the only way you can wear the décolleté, this very refined shoe, of course. You can wear the décolleté with a tight-fitting sheath dress or with dresses with a wide skirt to play down the jaunty look of the dress. The pumps look great with skinny or wide-leg jeans as the current trend sees, because they give the outfit a super glamorous air. Or, for the more daring and streetwear lovers, you can wear a Décolleté with a cargo suit or a sweatshirt: together with the right accessories you will look like something out of a fashion magazine, try and let us know! And if you don't have one yet, take a look at our Gaelle Paris selection.