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Woman backpack

Forget the days when the backpack was considered a purely sporty accessory, now, even on our online shop, the backpack options are so many that even the most bon-ton chic have gone over to the side of the backpack team. The backpack has a great value: it always covers your shoulders and is so practical that it allows you to forget the weight of things during the day. You will be able to run from one appointment to another with agility, you can add an urban chic note to your outfit and have fun playing with fashion! For you, we have chosen the most beautiful backpacks from the La Carrie and Gaelle Paris collections.

Which women's backpack to buy?

As with any garment when it comes to clothing, it is very difficult to choose just one perfect backpack, because each of us has our own unique style that for some, changes from day to day, or several times a day (in cases of true fashion victim) . One thing is certain: the black leather backpack is a real must have, so versatile and suitable for day or evening appointments, you can wear it with jeans or a floral dress, for a 90s style. For those who love streetwear and urban chic style, we recommend the logo backpack or the one with minimal or patterned lines, perhaps in fabric. On the other hand, those who dress more elegantly cannot miss the quilted backpack or the one with chain straps. Among our models you will find these and other options, as well as backpacks with zip or snap button closure. Write us a message on WhatsApp or Instagram for more tips! How to carry the women's backpack? The backpack is perfect for any season and for any occasion. You can wear it during your shopping days in the city center, for evenings with friends or for work. With an important dress you can wear a very simple black backpack to play down the mood. With elegant trousers and blazer you can opt for a backpack with a more flattened design, or a satchel, more like a bag. The ideal is to take a backpack model with a handle so you can carry it by hand if you don't want to wear it on the shoulder. A real gem, to be worn with the most glam chic outfits are the backpacks with golden studs all over the skin: these too, available in all your favorite colors.