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The choice of wallet is not easy and it is very personal, isn't it? Over time, perhaps, you have tried different models of wallets and now you have finally found the perfect cut for you: pocket version wallets, which closes on itself with a button, wallets with different zips, rectangular version wallets to immediately see coins and cash, or the mini wallet version, wallet only for cards. Well, on the online shop of Peccati di Stile you will find all these models of wallets and many other options such as mobile phone cases with zip and pockets also for ATMs and money, ideal for the beach, or wallets for the occasions you want / can bring only the necessary stress. Choose your favorite wallet among the many models designed by Gaelle Paris or La Carrie, by purchasing on our site you will receive your purchase quickly: in just 24 / 48h and if something does not convince you, you can replace the item or return it.

Which women's wallet to buy?

As they said, for us there is no fairer wallet than the other. It all depends on your style and your needs. Here is our foolproof guide to choosing the right wallet. Before purchasing, for yourself or as a gift, ask yourself: will this wallet fit into my favorite bag? Is there room for all my cards? Prefer to have separate coins from cash in my wallet? Once you have answered all of these questions comes the funniest part. Choose the color: black, white, red, green, patterned wallets, wallets with rhinestones and applications. And then, take the next step: choose the size, material and design. On our shop vegan wallets are available in faux leather or fabric, or in real leather and precious fabrics. Wallet models with studded applications, with chains or quilted, with or without logo: you really have the joy of choice! One of the advantages of buying from us is that you can combine the wallet with a new bag, from the same line and from the same brand (or shoes, why not!). For material advice or more photos contact us on WhatsApp or Instagram.