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The wedge is the perfect shoe for those looking for comfort and freshness, and who don't want to give up on enhancing their femininity. The design of this women's shoe and the materials with which it is usually made guarantee all this. The wedge is, perhaps, the most used summer shoe: it has a heel with a platform that gives comfort and slims the figure, made of cork, rope or rubber depending on the style. An upper of lightweight cotton or suede fabric, for example. And applications that are always different depending on the brand. We offer you the most beautiful pieces from the collections of: Emmanuélle Vee, Espadrilles The Originals, and Philosophy x Manebì.


The wedges are comfortable yes, but they are also very stylish! Only on our shop, you will find more than 30 different wedge models to choose from but if the indecision is too much, write us on WhatsApp and we will help you find the perfect model for you.

Which wedges to buy and why?

Each of us has our own personal style and the shoe is a fundamental part of it. The right shoe can emphasize the mood of a certain outfit or create a contrast to balance everything. As for the wedges, they are certainly casual shoes, to be worn to run from one engagement to another during the day, but some models, more elegant and particular, are also perfect for an evening. If you are looking for practicality and extreme comfort, we recommend a wedge-sandal model: thanks to the adjustable ankle strap you will have maximum stability while walking. If you want to buy an evergreen piece that goes well with everything, go for the wedge espadrille, with a lace to tie to the slave at the calf. If you want something more contemporary, choose wedges with a structured platform heel and laces. To always be chic on vacation or on the hottest days, choose the sabot wedge or the slipper wedge. On our shop you will find special and little seen options, women's wedges that match easily and that will be worth the purchase. How to wear the wedges? Depending on their style, therefore, you can wear wedges with daytime looks: jeans and t-shirt, linen or knit dress. Or with evening looks: silk dresses, ankle length, or blazer and shorts suits. There is no rule and there is no limit. The only advice we can give you is to pay attention to the patterns and colors you wear: balance the materials well too. If you are wearing something very thoughtful on top, avoid the wedge. If you wear a completely summer outfit, however, no problem!