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Can you imagine that, years ago, we women couldn't wear pants? It sounds absurd - and it is! - think about it today and yet it was like that for our great-great-grandmothers. Today, for any reason in the world, we could not give up trousers: a symbol of freedom and comfort. The trousers can be elegant or casual and allow us to play with style and always different combinations. We have selected our favorite trousers from the brands of the moment: VICOLO, Aniye By, and Gaelle Paris just to name a few. Why do we say you can play with style? Every woman has her favorite trousers: there are those who never give up on jeans, those who are now paired with long leggings or the cyclist model, and those who only have 5-pocket pants in their wardrobe. On the online shop of Peccati di stile you will find all these models of trousers and many more! You will be able to buy light summer trousers, wide or narrow, long or short; or warm pants for the winter, depending on the season we update our shop to offer you the best of current fashion.

Which pants to buy?

The models of existing trousers, today, are really many: skinny, baggy, mom fit, balloon fit, cargo, chinos, 5 pockets, elegant, sporty, capri pants, shorts, high waist, low waist, bell, with flaps, with invisible closure. You can buy a pair of trousers for any occasion: for the office, for going out with friends, for the gym and even for ceremonies. But how to choose the perfect pants for you? The rule is only one: buy the pants that make you feel good about yourself. Then, you can consider that some models of pants, such as mom jeans, are perfect for those with a pear-shaped body shape. The skninny trousers, ideal for those who want to highlight their legs. Our advice, therefore, is to choose the trousers that best enhance you but without letting yourself be too influenced by the rules: if you like it, wear it! For advice on the sizes and fit of the different models you can write to us at the WhatsApp number!

How to match women's trousers?

As you may have noticed, on the Peccati di stile shop, looking at the various products you will already find many outfit ideas! In fact, our stylist offers you many combinations that you can easily replicate. With cigarette trousers in shiny fabric, wear a blouse with graphic designs or a blouse with maxi collar, to finish a beautiful decollete. With the denim shorts with studs go to a 100% rock outfit and wear leather boots and a white or black t-shirt, put on the leather jacket and you are ready! A very versatile outfit, which you can wear for the office or for an evening is an oversized jeans with cuts on the knees, heel (open sandal or ankle boot, depending on the season), top and over a shirt, which you can open or close in based on the occasion. You will be chic but very contemporary! For more tips follow us on Instagram, every day new posts and new stories to take inspiration from!