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Do you love the Iberian Peninsula? Here's a reason to love it even more: espadrille shoes! This is where this model of women's shoes comes from. Unique but super imitated by the most important brands, espadrilles have been and continue to be a true global success. The origin of espadrilles is very ancient, already in the Greco-Roman age they were worn, (obviously in a much more Spartan and less comfortable design than now), for their practicality and for the breathable materials with which the espadrilles are made. Today, summer espadrilles are a real must have for the hottest season of the year and are worn by anyone: by those with a more classic style and obviously also by those with a more casual style. This is because, over the years, brands have made more and more beautiful and wearable espadrilles proposals, we at Peccati di stile have selected the seasonal novelties of the symbolic brands: Espadrilles The Original and Manebì, together with the exclusive limited edition Philosophy Official x Manebì. The greatest advantage of slip on espadrilles is their practicality: they have no laces and so, to wear them, you just need a second steering wheel. The espadrilles have an ergonomic rubber sole that cushions the walk and is waterproof, and then there is the breathable and lightweight insole, perfect for summer. But not only shoes, espadrilles are also famous for the wedge model, with the toe covered, together with the ankle, and the instep uncovered. The laces to be worn on the slave strain the calf and help the shoe to stay firmly on the foot as you walk. Today, you will find espadrilles in cotton, or in very soft suede, in solid colors or, for example, with a checked or lurex print. You just have to choose the one you prefer!

Why buy espadrilles?

The first reason why you should buy espadrille summer shoes is because of their versatility and secondly because sometimes it happens that you don't have a well-kept pedicure and espadrilles can save you. But espadrilles are also the perfect shoes to take on vacation, to take long walks without giving up support for the foot. An even more practical and chic alternative to the espadrille slipper, the sabot and the low open sandal.

How do you wear the espadrilles?

Thanks to their simple design, espadrilles really go with everything. You can wear them with loose cotton dresses, long beaded necklaces, and a nice hat for a gypsy chic style. You can wear espadrilles with jeans and blouses for daily appointments or for the office. You can wear espadrilles with denim shorts or linen trousers ... a truly winning combination! To choose the right espadrille model for you, we recommend that you think about which colors you prefer and what items you have in your wardrobe and buy a pair (or more than one model) of espadrilles to match or wear in contrast. If you need advice or clarification (for example, on the sizes or materials of the different models), you can contact us on the whatsapp number, we will guide you in choosing the right espadrilles for you.