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In this section of the online shop of Peccati di Stile you will find a vast assortment of the garment that caused the most scandal during the 21st century. Can you think of something? It's really her: the skirt. The garment that has revolutionized fashion since the 1960s and has become a symbol of freedom and emancipation actually has very ancient origins: the skirt was already worn in the era of Mesopotamian civilizations, then in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance, in the French Revolution, in the Victorian era up to the 1900s and nowadays. In short, there was a skirt for every historical moment and there is a skirt for every occasion, because the models available to choose from are many: There is the full skirt, the pleated one (pleated), the trouser skirt , bell-shaped, short or long skirt; with flounces or other types of applications. In our selection you will find different options of skirts, more elegant or sporty, by Aniye By, Gaelle Paris, Mariuccia Milano and VICOLO. Both in summer and in winter with tights the skirt is a must have to enhance your femininity and express your style thanks to the fabrics (jeans, cotton, sweatshirt, jersey, modal) and the many patterns in which you can buy a skirt: solid colored, from classic black to more lively colors. Patterned: flowers, animalier and checks above all. Take a look at our skirts and choose your favorite!

Why buy a skirt?

Every now and then, or maybe (why not ?!) every day, we need to wear a more refined outfit that makes us feel more charged and cute than ever and the skirt is the perfect garment to do it! No matter the length, how much you want to show your legs, the charm of the skirt lies in its design. We recommend that you buy some models that you can add to your collection and always wear, regardless of the seasons or current trends: the denim mini skirt, for example, never goes out of style. The long black skirt in the summer will always save you from the scorching heat. The floral skirt is the first garment to wear on hot spring days, to uncover the legs and start taking on color. The fleece skirt is ideal for those who are always on the go and don't want to give up a chic touch. Then there are models of even more bon-ton skirts such as the one with tartan or vichy fabric and Chanel cut, the one with flounces or the asymmetrical one, short in front and long in back. So, the real question is: why not buy one skirt? Or more than one ...;)

How to wear the skirt?

Here comes the funniest part of all: how to combine and wear the skirts you have in the closet? It depends on the occasion, we would tell you. For an unpretentious day out with friends, go for a floral skirt or jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes. For the office, where the air conditioning can be terribly low, wear a long skirt: you can combine it with a simple t-shirt, perhaps with a particular detail such as puff sleeves or chiffon appliqués, or a blouse. For more elegant evenings or ceremonies, the "Scottish" style skirt or the one with the vichy print (check pattern) are our favorite options, you can buy the matching jacket or waistcoat or put on a shirt with a wide collar or a particular top. For advice and suggestions contact us at our WhatsApp number!