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The shirt is one of the most versatile garments you can buy, have you ever made it? You can wear it in many ways: in or out of trousers, open or slightly low-cut, under jackets or over dresses. In summer or in winter. It can be your ace in the hole when you want to add an extra detail to the outfit or to play layering to counter the cold. The shirt is a real must have for today's woman, both for those who love to dress more casual or for those who are always very elegant. In our selection, you will find the most popular women's shirt cuts of the season and also timeless models, shirts with an excellent fit and excellent workmanship: in cotton, in denim, in flannel, in lace, in satin, in eco-leather , or recycled and sustainable polyester to leave no trace in the environment. You can wear your favorite Aniye By or VICOLO pieces on any occasion; ordering them on the online shop of Peccati Di Stile you will receive them in just 48 hours but if something does not convince you you can make the return for your shirt just as quickly.

Why buy a shirt or blouse?

Shirts or blouses have a great value: they are extremely versatile. They can be worn from morning to night and will always make you look perfectly dressed. The secret is in the cut of the models, in the buttons and in the patterns you choose. In our shop you will find many models: plain, striped, patterned shirts (flowers, leopard, Versace-like), to name a few. Which one is your favorite? Have fun experimenting with the other items in your wardrobe, mixing the different pieces and wearing your shirts each time in different ways: take it open and leave the jacket at home in the warmer seasons, you will be super chic but casual. Tie it at the waist with jeans and a crop top for a day out with friends. Wear it with pullovers, jacket and pants suits for the office. With a shirt you will never go wrong, whatever the occasion you are dressing for. It is an evergreen piece that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe.

How to wear the shirts?

We love to advise you on how to wear the clothes and how to create different looks! Also for this reason, we are committed to creating shots where you can see the fit of the shirts and, at the same time, take inspiration from our outfit ideas. If your style is bon ton chic, you can't not have a shirt with a maxi collar, or a blouse model with balloon sleeves: they are the trend of the year and you can wear them with mini skirts or high-waisted jeans and dancers. If, on the other hand, you are always in a sporty or more urban mood, the maxi shirt to always keep open or to tie at the waist with a belt is the perfect option for you. If you are a lover of shirts and patterns, you can really indulge yourself in our shop. Our suggestions? Flowers for the day, in the office or on vacation; with animal print for aperitifs and evenings out. Always and forever striped, it's THE shirt model to always have in your wardrobe. Discover all the options you have available and have fun choosing the perfect shirt for you!