Via Roma 15: history and iconic pieces of the most luxurious shoe factory in Italy

A Via Roma 15 boot is forever! Discover with us its history and all the secrets of the success of the most iconic Via Roma 15 boots such as the Texan model, the ankle boot and the boot with the internal wedge Via Roma 15 to slim the figure!

The history of Via Roma 15

Open your eyes, we are about to tell you the story of the Via Roma 15 shoe factory! It is 1979, post-economic boom Italy is flourishing and the fashion sector is more alive than ever. Our country is full of opportunities and in those years many companies were born which, over time, will contribute to writing the future of the footwear sector. Among these, of course, there is also her: Via Roma 15. It is precisely in '79 that Silvano Volponi decides to open his shoe factory, under the banner of craftsmanship and precious raw materials, and since that day the company has been has grown more and more, now exporting Via Roma 15 footwear all over the world.

The style of footwear Via Roma 15

Speaking of the style of the iconic Via Roma 15 boots, we want to start from the production: even today, each piece is assembled with an artisanal process, only the necessary machinery is used and to ensure that your purchase lasts a lifetime. If you love vintage, the quality of the fashion of yesteryear and handmade products in Italy, Via Roma 15 will win you over: its collections are composed of high boots Via Roma 15, low boots Via Roma 15, ankle boots Via Roma 15 and Texans Via Roma 15 with a clean and extremely captivating design. The elegant lines are mixed with the most refined or rock applications, according to the chosen models. You will immediately notice the versatility of Via Roma 15 shoes: you can really wear them with everything, from jeans to a suit. Each Via Roma 15 boot is designed to enhance a woman's leg and slim her figure, thanks also to the internal wedge hidden in some boot models. At Peccati di stile you will find many models Via Roma 15, ask us privately for advice if you need it.

Via Roma 15: iconic boots

Genuine leather and soft suede are two of the materials used in the Via Roma 15 shoe factory to make their iconic boots. Some models are embellished with super rock studs, in others we see the golden V symbol of the brand stand out, in others it is a riot of fringes that come alive with every step. All of them offer safety and class to those who wear Via Roma 15. If you need advice on fit and models, contact us without fear on social networks or via our WhatsApp number

The Texan boot according to Via Roma 15

The Texan boot from Via Roma 15 is a real must have also for this season, to be worn in both summer and winter, and it is in fact one of the models you ask for most! Also made with the utmost care, in the Peccati di Stile selection there are several models Via Roma 15: choose your favorite!

Via Roma 15 ankle boot model

If you are not particularly fond of boots with long leggings, the ankle boot model could be the right choice for you! We like those of Via Roma 15 because they are made of super comfortable materials that will adapt perfectly to your foot, available in suede, leather and with different applications, such as belts with studs that embrace the ankle or with fringes.