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If since you saw - or who knows, tried and then immediately bought - the Rolling Stones dress by Aniye By you have been reframing their Instagram profile waiting for the release of other news, you are in the right e-commerce! We too are super fans of the all-Italian brand Aniye By. We love the bright colors of their dresses, the fantasies and patterns they offer us and the glam rock style they interpret great. We have selected the most beautiful pieces of the new collection and we are ready to bring your purchase to your home in just 24/48 hours, put us to the test: we are faster than Amazon!

Which Aniye By dresses to buy?

Spring summer rhymes with floral dresses. No, not literally, but in a broad sense. It's a fact: as soon as the temperatures start to rise, the skirts begin to shorten and an irrepressible desire for a floral print dress arises in us. Aniye By really thinks about everyone's tastes: there is the long pink floral dress with belt that highlights the waistline, the one with slit and V-neck for those who love to enhance their femininity, there is the empire cut dress with puff sleeves, a must have of the season .... and many others! Wide and fluttering dresses suitable for ceremonies or more formal days or even for free time, according to your style and the shoe you will match. From sneakers to heel 12, with Aniye By you make the rules alone! Another option that we recommend you to keep an eye on are the strawberry pattern dresses, all Instagram and all TikTok wears it and if you like to keep up with trends, you can't miss it too! We are crazy about the 80s style dresses Aniye By, made with shiny fabric and baby doll cut: from emerald green to black, to gray and pink, they are all wonderful! There is no shortage of options for those who love to feel free and wear only dresses with suspenders: try the spotted ones by Aniye By, embellished with soft flounces that will sculpt your figure. Super special mention should be made for the tulle dresses by Aniye By, which have become iconic thanks to Chiara Ferragni and other influencers who showed them off in their posts, wearing them is like diving into a cloud. Can you say you've really lived if you haven't experienced this feeling? Try your favorite now: available in black, fuchsia, and tiffany. Well done! Your search for Aniye By Dress was very accurate! If you didn't find what you were looking for, you can browse our Footwear, Clothing, Bags and Fashion Accessories departments.