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Manebì espadrilles

If you ask us, espadrilles (together with sandals, of course) are the summer flat shoes par excellence. We are particularly excited for the new collaboration between Manebì and Philosophy Official because the colors of the new collection are truly wonderful: Manebì espadrilles in lilac and green above all. For some years Manebì has exploded: everyone, from Chiara Ferragni to Giulia Gaudino, wear them. Do you want to try Manebì espadrilles too? You can order your favorite summer Manebì espadrilles on the Peccati di Stile online shop and receive them in just 24 / 48h. If they don't convince you or you want to change your number, you can do it totally free.

Which Manebì X Philosophy espadrilles to buy?

In summer with a flat shoe or a Manebì espadrille sandal you can create dozens of different outfits, the Manebì X Philosophy Official espadrilles are the ideal flat shoes to take on holiday with you because they are very comfortable and extremely stylish at the same time. It won't be difficult to take Instagram-perfect photos because you won't have to carry a ton of shoes. We recommend that you buy at least a pair of Manebì X Philosophy Official espadrilles to change and never tire your foot and to have options of different colors: this year pastel colors go a lot and in the new Manebì X Philosophy Official espadrille collection you will find shoe espadrilles , without laces, in lilac and green. Or, you could opt for one of the Manebì X Philosophy Official espadrille models with check pattern (checkered). Well done! Your search for Manebì espadrilles was very precise! If you haven't found what you were looking for, you can browse our Footwear, Clothing, Bags and Fashion Accessories departments.