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Streetwear and urban style lovers know very well Gaelle Paris, the Italian brand that harks back to French streetwear, one of the most influential in the world. If you love to experiment with fashion and you love bags, this is the section of our online shop that is perfect for you: here you can buy baby carriers Gaelle Paris and create trendy day and evening outfits. 

Gaelle Paris belt bag, which one to buy?

One of the must-have accessories of urban style and streetwear is precisely the pouch; baby carriers Gaelle Paris they are therefore perfect if you too follow these two fashion trends! In our selection you will find the most beautiful, stylish and original baby carrier models from the new collection Gaelle Paris, which you can wear on the shoulder like a bag or crossbody. 

Gaelle Paris offers bum bags in imitation leather or fabric, in classic black and white or in bright colors such as fire red and pink. The applications and details are always very accurate: rhinestones, studs, zippers and diamonds will make your fanny pack - and your entire look - stand out among others. The models Gaellemoreover, they can have belts (in fabric or chains) to transform the pouch into a practical shoulder bag or have multi pockets to keep all your favorite items in order.

We recommend that you buy the baby carrier Gaelle Paris quilted if you plan to combine it with elegant coats and blazers and if you love to dress elegantly. We suggest you opt for the belt bag instead Gaelle Paris if you love layering and wearing oversized sweatshirts and maxi cardigans and "comfort" is the watchword for creating your outfits. If, on the other hand, you want something really different, buy the baby carrier Gaelle Paris studded with glitter: your rock style will conquer everyone. 

The baby carriers Gaelle Paris they form a perfect match with designer clothing Gaelle Paris, on our shop you will find sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses Gaelle to match your new purchase. Check!