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Flat sandals Valini Roma

Flat sandals Valini Roma

After months with the sock + sock combo, sometimes reinforced with another sock, summer has finally arrived and our feet are screaming for justice! We really feel the need to free ourselves from layers of clothing and constrictions and so flat sandals are the perfect option to wear. If it has not already happened, you will soon fall in love with Valini Roma, an Italian shoe factory that creates a more beautiful model than the other: flat sandals or with elegant heels, jewel models, sandals with plateau of different shapes, with studs or laces, such as wants the trend of the season.

Which Valini Roma flat sandals to buy?

If you are a lover of niche brands, Valini Roma will meet all your needs: it is a brand in step with the times and which, above all, loves the quality of the materials, so every choice will be a winner, we assure you! Do you need a comfortable but elegant sandal for a ceremony or for the office? Valini offers a model with a square heel and ankle strap with which you can walk for hours and hours without getting tired, available in nude / powder pink, green, lilac or in the classic and timeless black. Otherwise, throw yourself on the pointed sabot model with jewel, you can also combine it with a very simple satin dress to create an outfit with a very refined style. If your looks always have a gritty or rock touch, the flat sandal with maxi studs is your model! Maybe you have seen it worn by Giulia de Lellis or maybe you will see it now for the first time, we already know that it will be love at first sight. Another model to take on holiday is the revised slave model sandal, a weave that reveals the instep and gives support and support during the walk. This year the sandals with a particular design and heel, with ankle laces and different colors such as orange, ocher, purple, green are very popular: Valini is the brand that created them all! Well done! Your search was very precise! If you didn't find what you were looking for, you can browse our Footwear, Clothing, Bags and Fashion Accessories departments.