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Low Sandals Via Roma 15

As soon as summer begins, does the spasmodic search for the perfect flat sandal begin for you too? Great! Because we know how to help you find the ideal flat sandal for you: browse our selection of flat sandals Via Roma 15, order now to receive your package in just 24 / 48h. If the number or model does not convince you, you can always return or change it.

Which Via Roma 15 flat sandal do we recommend?

In the new Via Roma 15 flat sandals collection, the models available are many and all super trendy: from the low leather sandal with double band, comfortable and at the same time elegant, to jewel flat sandals with bright or more rock applications. You can wear your flat sandals with floral or wide dresses, jeans shorts or palazzo trousers… because the Via Roma 15 flat sandals are really all very versatile and you will have no difficulty in combining them with your favorite outfits. Furthermore, the flat sandals Via Roma 15 are available in the most popular colors: black, leather, red, white among others. If you have doubts about how the Via Roma 15 flat sandals fit, send us a private message via our social networks or on our WhatsApp number. Well done! Your search for Via Roma 15 flat sandals was very precise! If you didn't find what you were looking for, you can browse our Footwear, Clothing, Bags and Fashion Accessories departments.