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UGG Women's Boots

Have you ever wondered where UGG boots come from? When we found out we were amazed, because UGG boots, famous all over the world for their comfort and their ability to keep the foot warm, were born in Australia! Yes, UGG must-have boots were born as shoes for surfers, who wore them just to keep their feet warm once they got out of the icy ocean water.

Comfortable, warm and chic: because we love UGGs.

If you are a lover of minimal style and comfort, of urban style and one of your favorite hobbies is collecting the outfits found on Pinterest, UGG women's boots must absolutely enter your personal selection. The biggest advantage of a UGG boot is certainly its comfort: wearing it, you can successfully overcome intense shopping sessions but also walks in nature and a day spent at work. The UGG have a shock-absorbing sole and are treated in such a way as not to stain with moisture. A dream if you think they are suede! Second pro of buying a UGG boot: they are very versatile. In our selection you will find different colors, the famous hazelnut beige loved by everyone and black but also a novelty, military green, do not miss the new arrivals to discover the new colors of the season proposed by UGG. UGG boots are perfect to wear with your sporty-chic outfits: with leggings, skinny or baggy jeans as per the latest trends, and with maxi pullovers and sweatshirts. We see them very well combined in contrast with a maxi bag, such as those of La Carrie Bag or Gaelle. Third pro: contrary to what it may seem, UGG boots are very easy to clean. To remove the dust you can help yourself with a very soft cloth or brush. All UGG boots, both for women, for men and for girls, are all pre-treated to avoid moisture stains. If you ever get your boots dirty with an oily product, we recommend that you purchase a suitable product. How do they fit? UGGs have a regular fit but if you find you have the wrong number, you can rely on our easy return service. Contact us on WhatsApp for any doubts. Before leaving for your shopping, one last tip: to recognize if a UGG is original, you can immediately look at the label placed above the heel, the sole, and of course the box. If you have found UGG boots at a bargain price online, they are probably not original. The quality of UGG's materials, leather, suede, are impossible to sell off at an outlet price. Peccati di Stile is only a reseller of the original UGGs!