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Windsor Smith footwear

Windsor Smith is one of the most purchased brands in our shop. It is now a real lovebrand, that is, a brand loved by people not only for its products but for what it represents: a world of trend, self-confidence and the desire to experiment. Many of our customers choose Windsor Smith shoes for their original style (which is objectively above average) and for the quality of Windsor Smith boots, sneakers and sandals.

Join the trendy side, wear Windsor Smith.

Windsor Smith has been one of the most popular footwear brands in the world for years. In our selection you will find all the models you did not know you needed to get your fill of style in every season. Windsor Smith is always in step with trends but does not give up on its beloved best sellers such as sandals and platform sneakers. Among our and your favorite models are the black Windsor Smith boots with square high heels, available in both matte leather and shiny imitation leather to make your outfits shine even more. For some seasons, another must-have boot is the one with a platform track sole, Windsor Smith offers them both with a high leg and Beatles model up to the ankle. If the Windsor Smith bold style has conquered you, you can wear it in every season: try the sandals with platform soles, they are very comfortable and have the characteristic trendy look that distinguishes all models of Windsor Smith shoes. Last but certainly not least, in our selection of Windsor Smith designer shoes you will also find the much loved high sole sneakers. They are perfect during the day, for school or university, but also for work. They are the perfect match if worn with baggy jeans and flared leggings, with jumpsuits and cargo pants and with urban skirts and dresses. You can wear the Windsor Smith plaform sneakers in a thousand different ways, by choosing the classic black and white you will have passepartout sneakers to combine with all your garments. Do you have doubts about the fit of the Windsor Smith shoes? Write us on WhatsApp or in dm on Instagram. On our social networks you will also find many tips on how to combine the Windsor Smiths, we will show you how to go from streetwear to urban chic look.