El Vaquero: boho chic summer boots for free women

Fringes, studs, fine leathers ... these are some of the characteristics that made us fall in love with the El Vaquero Indian, the Made In Italy brand with a gypsy soul that has conquered everyone, including Beyoncé. At the time of writing this article, the first pieces of the El Vaquero Spring / Summer collection arrived in the store and: WOW! El Vaquero is confirmed for us as one of the brands to keep an eye on - and to wear - for those who do not follow trends but, on the contrary, create their own. Since the 1980s, the Indian El Vaquero has been dressing determined women, unconventional travelers, dreamers full of character. In summer and winter, with always new and surprising collections. We chatted with Nicholas Giuntoli (CEO of the brand, designer, and right-hand man of his father Valerio, founder of the company) to find out what were the elements that inspired the new collection, what his creative process is, and much more. .

> Nicholas, let's start with the next El Vaquero spring summer collection, Lunar Stranding. How was it born?

Like all of our creations by El Vaquero, the greatest inspiration came from nature. From its colors and shapes, from the sea, from the dawns ... and especially from our territory, to which we are very attached. We took all these inputs and reinterpreted them and turned them into bright colors and precious accessories. > El Vaquero boots, in fact, are not simply Made in Italy, but made - by hand! - in Tuscany. A creative region that is always on the move, which plays a key role in the Italian manufacturing scene. Land of artisan tradition and quality.

> In this you are unique, can we say that you at El Vaquero do not follow trends very much?

We observe, we study, everything that happens in the fashion world, especially in terms of innovation. But we are a brand with a very strong and rooted identity, we want to continue our aesthetic path, also going in the opposite direction from the others, if necessary. > And we at Peccati di Stile, like many other luxury e-commerce companies in the world, have chosen you precisely for your unique style. Your El Vaquero indian boots are the most requested internal wedge boots by our customers.

> Among the other elements that stimulate your creativity, and that have shaped the identity of El Vaquero, is travel. It's not true?

It is so. El vaquero boots and accessories are created to accompany free spirits on their life journey, around the world. Our key pieces are a mix of different cultures and influences: from Native Americans, to hippie culture, to modern Ibiza bohemians.

> And then we ask you: what is the piece (even more than one, if you want) from the new El Vaquero collection that you would recommend our readers to buy and wear for a trip?

Surely, one of our best sellers, suitable from the beach to the evening: El Vaquero Arya Sylverton in the colors Sky or Cream, a leather boot, with stitching and details inserted by hand, perfect for a trip to the sea. El Vaquero Coleen Kamo Hunt for a trip to the mountains or a particularly cool evening, long above the knees, with fringes and internal wedge. > Received! By clicking here you can go directly to our El Vaquero showcase, discover all the models available on Sins of Style (yes, there are also those recommended by Nicholas) and grab your number, before it goes sold out. Please! But then come back, the interview isn't over.

> What is the accessory or garment that best matches your El Vaquero boots?

Naming one would be wrong. The greatest value of our creations is their versatility. You can create a more gritty outfit with a denim jacket and boot with El Vaquero fringes, or you can combine the boot with a wide floral dress, in full gypsy style.

> Great! Another good reason not to declutter our cabinets and maybe buy a new El Vaquero. By the way: do you have any advice on how to take care of our boots?

Wearing them and making them yours! The more you do it, the more they will acquire charm. There are no products to use, for example to protect them from moisture. The leather of our El Vaquero boots is already treated to be resistant over time. El Vaquero can also be washed, being careful not to use strong products. We are studying a kit to sanitize our products, they will be available soon.

> Regarding the treatment you carry out on each boot, we would like to deepen the discourse of El Vaquero craftsmanship.

It is part of our identity, of our history. We started with the aim of creating products that last over time, using the best materials on the market and putting into practice the most refined artisan techniques. The stitching and vintage treatments are all done by hand even today, and it is the reason why there will never be an El Vaquero boot like the other. In this sense, we could talk about custom.

> Your words show all the passion for your work and the desire to offer a quality product ...

The end customer is everything for us. Satisfying it is our priority and, even in this case, it is something that is in our DNA, that our Tuscany has passed on to us. We are very grateful to our customers and we would like to thank them by offering them our best. > All the staff of Peccati di Stile can confirm it, we have always felt pampered by you at El Vaquero!

> Another aspect you care a lot about is your communication. How was the collaboration with Giulia Pauselli born (you can find her on Instagram as @la_pauselli)?

Giulia was chosen because she perfectly represents the style of the El Vaquero woman: she is an artist, a free woman, a traveler, a sportswoman and much, much more. Working with her has been rewarding. For us the contamination and collaboration with artists from the world of dance or music is a source of new inspiration, of charge. The communication part is managed by our internal team: we choose the locations, the people to collaborate with. The mood.

> And so you always manage to create something special, you can see the feeling that exists in the El Vaquero team. New collaborations in sight that you want to reveal to us?

We will shoot the next catalog together with the sword champion Rossella Fiamingo (silver medal at the Rio Olympics). We chose her for her tenacity, her fighting spirit. We are very excited about this project by El Vaquero. > We can't wait to see it! Thanks for telling us more about the El Vaquero world, Nicholas. It was a real pleasure. Before proceeding with your shopping, browse the gallery: we have collected a series of photos from which you can take inspiration.