KAT MACONIE: history and style of the most imaginative English shoe brand in the industry

On Instagram, did you discover Kat Maconie's Aya and Frida sandals, real jewel shoes, and did you fall in love with this brand? Here we tell you everything we know about them!

How Kat Maconie was born

Kat Maconie takes their name from their designer and founder of the brand. Kat is a super talented British entrepreneur and creative who in 2009, after studying at London Fashion College and ten years of experience in the retail sector, left her job as a buyer for other brands and decided to invest in her dream. Thank god! We add, because for us with Kat Maconie jewel sandals it was love at first sight. Kat is originally from London and looking at her creations you immediately notice that her city has had, and continues to have, a great influence on her work: those of Kat Maconie are, in fact, super bold shoes: whimsical, colorful and unconventional just like the citizens of the London city. Models such as ankle boots and spikes, straps and certain materials have always been in vogue in the city.

The style of Kat Maconie sandals

In an interview, Kat said that her love for fashion and shoe design was born very early: already as a child, she enjoyed decorating her mother's shoes with rhinestones and precious gems. She, daughter of the 80s, brought with her all these experiences and that world and still uses them to design her own eccentric and unique footwear collections. If we had to define Kat Maconie's shoe style with one word it would be: maximalism. Each piece is a feast of colors, textures, applications, new shapes, chuncky heels, colorful flat shoes. No one is like lotus, and wearing them, no one will be like you. Each model is designed to enhance the shape of the foot and streamline the leg. Kat Maconie's pop style also captivated Taylor Swift and actress Maisie Williams, one of the stars of the acclaimed Game of Thrones series, who have worn the Aya and Frida block-heeled sandals multiple times. If you want to recreate a star look, from day to night, you must definitely try them! On Peccati di Stile, the Italian retailer of Kat Maconie, you can find the most beautiful and iconic pieces of each collection, you can try your favorite model in the store or at your home, with your favorite outfits, and change it if something doesn't convince you.

Kat Makonie high sandals

From Aya to Kay, from Frida to Gigi and Toro: the high sandals by Kat Maconie stand out for their particular design. The goal of Kat, the brand's creative director, is to design comfortable heeled shoes for women who love fashion and love to express themselves with it and with decisive outfits. Depending on the model, the textures, materials and applications change: tassels, gold trims and pallettes are our favorites. The straps, where present, are soft and positioned at the right height to stretch the calf. Thanks to their versatile style they are suitable to be worn during the day with a more casual look and in the evening with a more refined outfit. Thanks to their particularity, Kat Maconie shoes can make even the simplest combination glamorous.

The other Kat Makonie models: flat sandals, ankle boots, flat shoes

As we said, the Kat Maconie collections want to dress all modern women. Kat Maconie, therefore, is not only high sandals but also slip ons, very comfortable and very stylish slippers to wear - depending on the model - both during the day and in the evening. Super comfortable and colorful wedges, flat sandals, flat shoes slippers, and ankle boots, another Kat's workhorse. Even these super special and stylish.