Espadrilles The Originals: the summer shoes par excellence

Espadrilles are the shoes that everyone wants to wear in the summer! Espadrilles The Originals are not only flat shoes but also comfortable and stylish wedges. Find out everything there is to know about this iconic brand.

The history of the Espadrilles

If we were to talk about the most famous and iconic shoes in the world, espadrilles would be among the first to come to mind. Is this the same for you? This type of shoe has very ancient origins: it seems, in fact, that already in the Greco-Roman era they were worn by the people of the time. And since those times they have evolved and we have seen them on the feet of several celebrities, even Dalì, the very talented Spanish painter, often wore them. Espadrilles are a real symbol of a historical culture, therefore, and over time there are many companies that have taken them up in their collections. In the 1980s, Ferrari & Zenobi transformed espadrilles into the cult shoes we know today, the product's advertising campaigns met with global success and contributed to the construction of the myth of these shoes. To date, the brand continues to renew itself by proposing novelties and great revisited classics in each collection.

The style of Espadrilles The Originals

Those produced by Espadrilles The Originals are not only the originals but they are also original. As we said in the previous paragraph, the brand year after year expands its offer to customers, thus offering not only the classic slip on but also high sandals and flat sandals, super comfortable platform wedges and slippers. New colors and new decorations are added to the more classic models: we can say that there are espadrilles that can be easily combined with every style of clothing. Their simple but refined design is timeless and suitable for daytime looks and even evening looks, you just need to know how to combine them with the right garments. Even today, espadrilles are made with a sustainable approach and using naturally derived materials, to ensure quality and comfort for those who buy them, even after hours of use. The cotton used by Espadrilles The Original is hand-spun and sewn to the rope and rubber sole completely by hand. Do you think about it? By purchasing them, you will have a high quality handmade piece at a more than affordable price.

Flat shoes (slip on) espadrilles

Among the models that you ask for the most is the espadrille shoe, the one that is easily worn while walking towards the front door. This type of shoe is extremely comfortable and versatile and in summer, when temperatures are very high and just putting on sneakers makes us sweat, they are real outfit savers. Ideal if you have to go for a long walk, perhaps when you are on vacation, when you don't have a pedicure in place or simply, for those who don't like wearing sandals. Espadrilles are fresh summer shoes that will not make you give up on style: from the selection of espadrilles by Peccati Di Stile you can buy models in denim, cotton, soft suede, lurex to give a bright touch to your outfits, striped or patterned animalier ... the choices are many!

The high wedges Espadrilles

Immediately after the slip on model of espadrilles, they arrive: the wedges. There are those who could go on a whole summer wearing only these two shoe models, they are so versatile and comfortable. Even the espadrille wedges, thanks to the rubber sole, the rise and the ankle laces, are very comfortable. The typical ankle lace, if placed in the right way, also has the advantage of slimming the calf. At Peccati Di Stile you can buy the wedge model that best matches your style, we have both the most classic models, such as cream or black, and the news of the new collection. Our favorites are the ones with the braided and colored rope sole to wear with the most basic outfits and with the most colorful ones

High Sandals Espadrilles

As we told you at the beginning, there is a perfect espadrille for everyone. And there are also mid-height espadrille sandals with high soles. These are also very comfortable and super cute, to wear with shorts or long and short dresses, available in many different models and materials, from cotton to suede, to models in denim and lurex.