Gaelle Paris: the streetwear is Made in Italy that everyone is wearing

How well do you know the French-inspired streerwear brand Gaelle Paris? From Belen Rodriguez to Melissa Satta, everyone is in love with her style that mixes urban pieces with more chic details. Read our in-depth analysis and discover the Gaelle Paris collection!

The story of Gaelle Paris

A French name for an Italian brand? Yes, and there is a reason: as you may have imagined, it was Parisian streetwear that inspired the founders of the brand for the creation of Gaelle Paris. Discover the Gaelle Paris collection on Peccati di Stile! Let's take a step back: we are in 2009 and the Dream Project group, with years of experience in the fashion sector, decides to create an Italian fashion brand that was in step with the most contemporary urban style trends, thus going to satisfy the request. of a young and increasingly mobile clientele who did not feel represented by the style of the more traditional brands. Thus Gaelle Paris was born, which today is among the freshest and most worn fashion brands, by celebrities and by many customers all over the world. Not only in Italy, Gaelle mania is everywhere! Peccati di stile is proud to be a Gaelle Paris retailer and to bring its style to your wardrobes by delivering all over Europe. For Gaelle, fashion is fun and we fully share this philosophy.

The style of clothing Gaelle Paris

Let's talk a little about the style of Gaelle clothing: in the previous paragraph we talked about streetwear and urban style because for the Gaelle Paris collections the brand's stylists take up and reinterpret iconic pieces of these two styles: sweatshirts, logo t-shirts, dresses in jersey, comfy trousers, just to name a few, are Gaelle's workhorses and have conquered women and men. What are the elements that distinguish Gaelle Paris? In Gaelle Paris clothing, modern graphics and prints (animal and floral, for example) are mixed with applications such as studs and sequins. Gaelle Paris sweatshirts and skirts are embellished with rouches and tulle and new cuts, oversized to be worn by everyone with the right fit. Each Gaelle Paris collection is different and to wear to express your personality, unconventional like the brand. To enhance your rock soul and bring out your urban side, Gaelle Paris is the ideal brand.

Gaelle T-shirts and sweatshirts

In the summer Gaelle Paris collections, as in the winter ones, t-shirts and sweatshirts are never lacking. The idea is to wear them by creating layers according to the temperature and according to your mood. Why do we particularly like the Gaelle Paris? T-shirts and sweatshirts are designed to make the female figure more harmonious, the cuts are comfortable and the materials breathable, thus creating comfortable garments to wear during the day but also in the evening, with a blazer and a heel to embellish the look. In addition to the models with the Gaelle Paris logo, we also love those with the Gaelle Paris tiger, which has now become a symbol of the brand.

The Galle dresses

Gaelle dresses will also bring a breath of rocking air to your wardrobe. There are more tight-fitting Gaelle Paris models and also oversized dresses, in jersey, cotton or fleece to always resume the urban mood. In terms of clothes, Gaelle takes an eye on the trends of the moment and makes them her own, then proposing to you customers all remixes to wear. The Gaelle Paris dress is the most versatile and "smart" garment to have: by wearing only one piece you create a complete look and when you want to change it a little, just add an accessory, a different shoe, a sweatshirt or a jacket on top.

Gaelle Paris: shoes, bags

Gaelle Paris is, of course, also shoes and accessories because they are a fundamental part of an outfit! For them too, the approach chosen is unconventional and street style, so we will have sneakers to wear even with the most elegant clothes and bags to combine with sweatshirt suits, even to go to the office. Take a look at the Sins of style x Gaelle selection.