ASH: the women's shoes and accessories brand that will become your favorite

What's your mood of the day? With ASH sneakers, sandals and boker boots you can express it with ease! Discover the history of the brand, its unmistakable style in this new article.

The history of ASH shoes

Young, fresh, contemporary. This is how we would describe ASH, the women's and men's footwear brand that we loved from the very first moment. ASH is little more than 18 years old, in fact she was born in 2000, but her style is precise and defined, she teaches school, and has conquered customers from all over the world and even super top models like Gigi Hadid, often photographed on the streets of New York while wearing his ASH addicted, Cara Delevigne, Hiley Bieber… the list would be very long. Who is behind this great success? The talent, or rather two, of its creators: the made in France designer Patrick Ithier and the very Italian entrepreneur Leonello Calvani. The two identified the lack of a contemporary but high-quality footwear brand and decided to invest in first person to change things. In ASH the typical French nonconformist style is mixed with the quality of the Italian footwear sector. The product of this collaboration is an avant-garde brand that does not give up on quality, on the contrary it enhances it. In 2015 ASH took another leap forward in the world of fashion, the first ready-to-wear collection, ASH Studio Paris, was launched. This is how new super glam shoes are born, perfect for an urban style but, at the same time, with a bohemian charm.

The style of ASH shoes

SH sneakers, sandals and bikers stand out from all the other brands for their being easy wearable but with an extra twist. All the shoes are in fact “signed” with applications, new shapes, colors and little-seen gradients. ASH follows trends very little, rather, it creates them by placing footwear on the market that are then taken up by many competing brands. We think of the chuncky sneaker or the biker boot. The typical customer of ASH shoes has a very varied personal style: one day he wears a total basic look with the white ASH combo sneaker to elevate it. The following day, he feels super rock and off to ASH Power sandal or biker Tatum Chevron.

Different sneakers? Choose ASH

For those who love comfort during the day and in the evening but don't want to give up a stylish touch, ASH sneakers are ideal. All the different models are embellished with applications such as studs, or with buckles as for premium and Verso. Or, again, colored patches that help to express one's personality or futuristic shapes, to be mixed with particular or easier outfits. In the Sins of style selection you will find them all!

Boots and biker ASH

Among the ASH shoes that you ask for most and that are most worn by customers all over the world are them: the legendary biker boots. Comfortable, very stylish, full of character. Wearing them you will immediately feel empowered and just a few more details will be enough to close your outfit.

The ankle boots by ASH

Another irresistible model: the ASH ankle boot has the same character of the low boots but raised to the square. A little extra heel will make your figure stand out, making the silhouette slender and full of charm. The ASH ankle boots are also available in different models, discover our favorites in the dedicated section of the Peccati di stile shop.

ASH sandals

And finally, they, the ASH sandals. Even those who do not love this model of shoe with them are an exception. They are different from all the others because they are full of interesting details: studs and strings to tie at the calf are just two examples. The ASH sandals, then, are available in a range of colors that are really easy to combine. By purchasing them on our site you can try them on at home with your favorite items and decide whether to keep them or return them, the return is very easy and the number change is always free.