La Carrie Bag: history and style of the brand

La Carrie Bag: history and style of the brand that made the bucket bag iconic

Those who love this brand now know: The Carrie Bag rhymes with bucket bag, studs, rhinestones, and style to the nth degree. Read our in-depth analysis!

The story of La Carrie B

In this article, we will tell you the story of La Carrie Bag, which has always been one of our favorite brands and which, for years, we have been reselling in our physical store of Sins of Style and online. The dream begins with the entrepreneur Nazzareno Amatori who in the distant 1995 decided to realize his project and founded La Carrie Bag in Castel Bolognese, in the province of Ravenna. From the very beginning, the brand had a clear vision and this was precisely the key to its success. The Carrie Bag has always made, and continues to do so, collection after collection, quality bags, characterized by a touch of glamor and creativity. Those who wear La Carrie Bag buckets and shoppers love originality and always want to stand out with every outfit. Today, the brand is led by Paola, the administrator, and Francesco, a very talented designer who designs the new collections. With his creations, Francesco wants to create accessories for strong, original, independent and beautiful women, precisely for these characteristics.

The style of La Carrie Bag bags

We told you that La Carrie Bag bags are characterized by their originality and their fashionable style and, thinking about the origin of the brand name, it could not be otherwise. The name Carrie is in fact a tribute to the iconic and inimitable Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the famous TV show Sex and the city (unmissable for fashion victims, if you haven't seen it, you absolutely have to retrieve it!) Played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, La Carrie Bag has “stolen” a sparkling femininity from her and started designing urban bags, which mix different styles and inspiration and for this reason, they are ideal to be used on any look, from the most basic to the most whimsical.

The La Carrie Bag bucket

As we said at the beginning, La Carrie Bag is synonymous with bucket. It is really difficult not to fall in love with this model of bag because it is very roomy, it is characterized by an original design and can be used from day to night. Each model of La Carrie Bag bucket is super original: different materials, from crocodile print to solid color, in leather or eco-leather. Fringes ready to come alive at every step, and then studs or rhinestones, which of the two? It will just depend on your mood and your style. You can also wear them both together to shine even more. The La Carrie Bag can be worn on the shoulder or by hand. Depending on the model you will have a belt or a chain to adjust according to your needs. To recognize the real La Carrie Bag, just look at the classic closure with laces and the application of the letters of the logo.

The other La Carrie Bag models: clutch, pouch, shopper

The Carrie Bag, of course, is not just mini-bucket and bucket. In our Peccati di Stile store you can also buy all the other models, equally trendy and unmissable! On our online shop for footwear and clothing, you will find La Carrie shoulder bags, La Carrie handbags, La Carrie belt bags and even La Carrie wallets! If it is true that the bucket can be combined with every outfit, it is also true that, at times, we have different needs and therefore we must choose a different bag. For an elegant occasion, in fact, we will wear a clutch bag or a baguette bag. For the office or for the days when we need to carry more items with us, we will choose a shopper. Or a pouch for more casual looks but always with an eye on trends! The Carrie Bag is the right brand for you if you are all these women together and even a few more. For model recommendations or questions, you can contact our customer support and write us a message.